The Learning Technology Institute was founded in 1975 as a non-profit public interest corporation devoted to research, development, organization management, and education activities in connection with the use of technology and computers in knowledge engineering, systems design, and technology-based information delivery systems.

The Institute established an early focus on applications of interactive multimedia technology. In 1977, LTI conducted development of instructional materials for interactive multimedia instruction delivery systems. In 1979, the Institute initiated Interactive Multimedia professional development workshops and conferences. Since then, it has been actively conducting public information dissemination programs in applications of this technology.

Since it was founded, the Institute has conducted research and demonstration programs funded initially by the Institute as well as by federal, state and university sponsors. In addition it has organized and conducted scores of workshops as well as regional and national conferences. These included programs that were sponsored by the Institute or conducted by the Institute for federal and state agencies; or those sponsored by the Society for Applied Learning Technology®.

While LTI continues to conduct conferences sponsored by the Society for Applied Learning Technology®, it expanded its offerings to other non-profit organizations in 2006 with the development of it donor management system, DemeterTM, provided to LTI’s clients as software as a service (SaaS)